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Old 01-17-2014, 12:57 PM
Art-Deco Art-Deco is offline
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Possible project

Locally to me the town is planning to replace the old municipal pool with a new one, they only have about half the $3 million raised but moving along.
I thought since the city replaced the old fountain in the square with a cast-iron Victorian replica, and the old bandstand (mostly a large gazebo) was replaced about 20 years ago with a Victorian replica, and the lamp posts and benches reflect the style as well, as does a street clock also installed.

The pool is several blocks away, it doesn't have to match the square, but it would be appropriate to have some kind of art on it if there's provisions.
So I dropped the appropriate people in charge an email last night asking if anyone had thought at all about adding any kind of sculptures or artwork either on a low running wall on in the wall of whatever structure is planned for the restrooms and changing building.
The current one is a small concrete block affair, the new one will not be wood frame but probably block or possibly brick.
So I said if there was a place something could go on/in the wall, I'd donate a sculpture for that (thinking of one of my flat rectangular panels)

The people wrote back very enthusiastic and will run it past the board and engineer, meanwhile I tried to think of a design but that's the hard part!
I sent them a picture of my Art Deco "Sun worshipper" panel just to show them what I meant by low relief flat panel.

I sort of think that design might look nice and is somewhat related to the pool/water with the sun and sun rays and woman looking up to and enjoying the rays, but I also thought maybe a "landscape" with state related motifs (agriculture etc) or a "view" overlooking a pool filled with water and maybe three swimmers in the the water in various aspects, something like this bronze medal:

I'm still trying to think of some ideas for a design I could do that would go well with something like a city swimming pool, I even looked at the state flag and the state's Great Seal designs to see if there might be something on them that might spark a design that could be state related, but this state has the most BORING state seal and probably the seond most BORING state flag of all the states, no kidding! New York and Idaho have really interesting state seals with a couple of standard bearers and other motifs I like.

It probably doesn't have have to be a panel, it might even wind up being nothing more than a decorative border near the top of the wall or frieze, or even just the city name + "pool" in raised or incized letters, but for now we'll assume it might wind up being a panel or even a round medallion shape.

Ideas, examples or suggestions will be happily entertained in this thread
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Old 01-17-2014, 09:04 PM
Ryder Ryder is offline
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Re: Possible project

We visit a hot springs nearby that has large murals of early americans "taking the waters" visible from the pools. It adds a nice touch. It would be nice to amplify how much fun a pool is for the youngsters and perhaps how healthfull a pool is for the oldsters.

If you get some nice designs going you might shop them around to other vintage water places. Here is one out in the wilds of montana, probably not in their budget but you never know.
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Old 01-24-2014, 10:41 PM
Art-Deco Art-Deco is offline
Level 10 user
Join Date: Jan 2012
Location: usa
Posts: 399
Re: Possible project

And now a possible other possible project in a different state pops up out of the blue in response to an email I sent months ago!
I totally forgot about it, but this committee wrote regarding a stolen architectural stone carving on a well loved 1930s structure and that the planned restorations/repairs were moving forward now and that they are very interested in keeping in contact with me about possibly modelling a replacement panel for the one that was stolen, that is unless the contractor who does the masonary repairs, repointing etc has someone already who does this kind of work.

I wrote back and said it's unlikely a mason, masonry repair firm would have someone on staff who is a sculptor, they would almost certainly have to use a third party since calls to replicate stolen architectural sculptures from photos are few and far between.

There were 8 different designs each on carved 4" thick stone slabs about what seems to be I guess 40" tall by maybe 30" wide or thereabouts, hard to tell scale from the pictures and I haven't found any yet with people in them, but going by the doorway size the stones look to be about 40" tall maybe a little less.

They are about 10 feet above the ground, somehow one of them was pried out and stolen in the middle of the night.

I gather there is not enough funds to pay for replacing it with a carved stone, but concrete is an option, just the color will differ from the surrounding limestone, but it's better than the black hole that is there now...

I don't know if anything will come about from it, I don't carve stone but I can certainly make a model from photos, and if a concrete replacement is suitable then I can do that. The designs are those somewhat crude and not very detailed minimalist figural designs you see that were made in the 1930s and early 1940s, not far removed from my Sunworshipper panel pictured here.

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