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Old 05-01-2003, 02:46 PM
Sidney Sidney is offline
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2003 ISC Member Juried Exhibition

Something triggered my curiosity about the 2003 ISC Member Juried Exhibition and the Conference on Figurative Sculpture scheduled at the same time, in the same area. Is there a link between the two?
In general terms, it seems to make sense that coinciding events held in the same area may have a common thread, this considering that both events are managed by the same institution.
One may be confused at the reading of the announcements, for
there was a posting about the Conference but no topic was indicated at its time; that came sometime around the submition date.
The Juried Exhibition entry, didn't make any mention of a particular categoriy either.
I wish to have more information in order to better understand how these 2 events "together" can be construed.
You see, Figurative art is a very distinct field and stands on its own. To combine this with a wider exhibition that encompass all categories seems odd to me, for it singles out one in disrespect to the rest. I hardly believe that accidental, in view of such an event.
As for the previous years, Conferences were the only organized event ever happening and therefore there wasn't any conflicting situation.
Thank you for any info regarding this.

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Old 05-01-2003, 05:29 PM
Mary Catherine's Avatar
Mary Catherine Mary Catherine is offline
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2003 ISC Member Juried Exhibition and conference

Hi Sidney --

Great questions! I can understand how there might be some confusion surrounding the ISC juried member exhibition and Figuratively Speaking conference. I'll do my best to clarify...

The ISC@GFS juried member exhibition was conceived over 2 years ago as an open call to all ISC members. The submission guidelines did not specify that the work be figurative -- the only restrictions were that the work be suitable for indoor exhibition and meet minimum safety standards. We received over 500 entries in a wide variety of themes and mediums, and our jurors commented on how excited they were to see such a broadly representative and impressive sampling of what sculptors are doing now.

Last year it became necessary for ISC to postpone our next International Sculpture Conference in Seattle from 2004 to 2005, due to a situation beyond our control with the City of Seattle. Since that would leave a large gap between conferences (last one was Pittsburgh 2001), we looked for an opportunity for ISC to hold a smaller, regional conference in 2003. We assumed that the opening of the ISC@GFS juried member exhibition on July 26 would draw a large number of ISC members, particularly from the Northeast region, so this seemed an ideal time to schedule a conference. The two events -- the member show and the conference -- are related in that both are co-sponsored by ISC and Grounds For Sculpture, both fulfill the ISC's mission to advance the creation and understanding of sculpture, and both offer excellent networking opportunities for our members. We consistently hear from our members that the main reason they attend the conferences is to network, so we sincerely hope that having both the member show and conference on the same weekend will make it both convenient and attractive for our members to attend and achieve maximum networking for their time and money.

The figurative theme was selected by the ISC Board as a topic that would be of interest to a wide range of our members. With limited time available to address any given topic, it made sense to narrow the focus to allow for thorough examination of one topic. By selecting the figurative theme we certainly do not mean any disrespect to non-figurative sculptors, rather this conference is a way of embracing a group and tradition that some feel have been overlooked by ISC in the past. This conference seeks to both celebrate the unique aspects of figurative sculpture as well as put figurative sculpture in context within the broader field. Panel moderators Glenn Harper (editor of Sculpture Magazine) and Tom Moran (NJ State Council on the Arts) both have very broad knowledge of the sculpture field as a whole, and they have invited panelists who can speak to very specific issues surrounding figurative sculpture. Further, I have spoken to quite a few non-figurative sculptors who are planning to attend the conference because they see it as a wonderful opportunity to network with their fellow sculptors and to participate in an exciting dialogue.

We hope that this conference will be only one of many to come that offer an opportunity for extensive exploration of one theme in addition to providing valuable networking opportunities. The ISC Board's conference committee would welcome any suggestions you have for themes for future conferences. This Sculpture Community is moderated and monitored by Board members every day, so I can assure you that your suggestions will be heard and seriously considered.

So, to make a long story short (too late, I know!), I believe the common thread with the ISC's July 2003 events is networking -- members talking to members, members seeing other members' work and members coming together to discuss issues relevant to their own work and that of many sculptors. The figurative theme gives us a great starting point for discussions -- I suspect it will take us many different places.

Thanks for taking the time to write -- please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Mary Catherine
ISC Staff
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Old 05-09-2003, 11:48 PM
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fritchie fritchie is offline
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I, too, noticed the subject of the July conference, "Figuratively SpeakingĒ, and wondered just what would be happening. Itís such short notice I havenít made a search of the ISC website to see if anything more is posted, or to consider attending. That could be a topic of interest to me. I hate to be simple-minded, but could you give links or directions to anything posted?
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