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Re: welding corten to stainless

Originally Posted by iron ant
Hey where's the love.I thought some of you older more experienced sculptors had worked with cor-ten and would share some of it,s properties.I know I can call the welding shop,but thoses dudes are right out of a book.Best way I recond is too find a piece and figure it out hands on........
Iron Ant,
This is going to be a nice weld to make. I did an outdoor piece down at Southern Oregon University in Ashland called "Edged Wind" that has long edges of type 304 stainless steel welded to corten.
The welding wire was .035 inch dia type 309 and the shield gas was mostly argon, if memory serves.
Type 309 stainless steel welding wire is designed for the welding of dissimilar steels to stainless steels. All my welding on this project was done with a Miller MIG welder. I'm pretty sure the shielding gas I used was 99% argon and 1% oxygen. The price for that bottle of argon sticks in my head.

This is some of the most trouble free welding you will do, stainless weld runs very nice in the corten, make sure you are in a still air setting when running the weld so the shield gas doesn't get blown off the arc and cause unsightly porosity.
Hope this helps.

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