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Re: Is it worth it to learn to use a digital sculpting program?

Originally Posted by KelEG View Post
Yes I am using zbrush. Currently 3.1.

I believe 4.0 is coming out in august.

I think 3.1 should be sufficient. I cant really advise beyond that.
I would recommend visiting the zbrush central homepage for more information--there are digital abstract sculpture sites-but I am not sure exactly where they are. I have seen it mentioned somewhere recently.
From what I understand, ZB 4 is going to have some very powerful tools to assist in 2d work and browser capability to make snatching things up like textures and shades/colors straight from the internet (folders or wherever) very fast and friendly and eliminating the need to export and touch up in photoshop and re-import/map/re-texture and so forth. Doesn't really matter if all you are doing is "clay" renders, but it looks like it is shaping up nicely IMO.. The industry in general seems also to be investing a great deal of effort toward rapid import/export from one app to another in real-time (think "easy" button) to speed up workflows because so many people in 3D have a wide range of different programs for different purposes and like to use them in their own unique pipelines. Several guys I know use Hexagon or Modo to model quick base meshes for instance and then import those to Zbrush for the detail work and they can knock out fully detailed and textured models very quickly and shoot them back for rendering as opposed to starting out with a sphere or base model in ZBrush or whatever..

Hexagon 2.2 is free in this months issue of 3D world magazine and is an excellent poly modeler, check it out at Barnes and Noble. Well worth 15 bucks..
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