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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

Originally Posted by anne (bxl)
... is any work done by an artist a piece of art?
Hi Anne
I'll weigh in with NO

simply put.....if an artist weeds my garden, what's left behind is a weeded garden and a pile of weeds.

Now, on to defining "artist" I think the term is far to widely applied.
We should reserve that word for those who have acheived the best within their chosen dicipline.

A few years ago, I was leading a sculpting workshop at a local highschool, and one of the students, while reassuring a fellow student, said, " ...everyone is an artist."
My, perhaps unkind, retort was, " sure everyone is an artist, just like everyone is a brain surgeon, and everyone is a nuclear physicist, but a few years of study, and some dedicated effort and practice might be worth the effort."

"art" without craft is immature doodle nonsense and undeserving of the term "art"

So too, for those who would be considered "artists" some dedicated hard work and honest effort to learn and improve following on a reasonable ammount of talent should be assumed the minimum expectation.

If we do not hold our peers to a higher standard, we diminish the value of the those whose lives reflect the struggle and dedication and efforts to develope the skill necessary to acheive the glory and beauty of our aesthetic potential.

Those who would claim the title ARTIST without putting in the dedication and hard work are usurpers, and should be taken about as seriously as someone claiming to be the emperor of the known universe.


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