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the door to all the wonderfu

低垂的发髻,给予的手势,“水”从天而降,滋养万物;“水人”自身也是“大门”,门内还有两扇独立的门(实 质上是“时空隧道”,观众置身其中,可以真正感受“道德经”的哲学魅力,)老子用自己的智慧开启了古代哲学 的“众妙之门”。
《the door of philosophy》
Laozi's idea of "natural" far-reaching, he thought good is like water,nourish everything but does not require return, sculpture is given gestures: water falling from the sky, nourishing all things;"Water man" is itself a "door", Inside there are two independent door (essentially "time tunnel", place oneself among them, the audience can really feel the charm of the philosophy of the theory of "Lao zi",)Lao tze with wisdom opened the ancient Chinese philosophy "the door to all the wonderful"
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