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Re: Nude Britney Spears Giving Birth Statue - Monument to Pro-Life

Not Quinn - my apologies to Quinn, then. Now I feel sad that Americans are doing this too!

Steven - you comment that they all look alike in interesting. On reflection, I don't recall any Quinn works that are so laden with symbolism and 'meaning'. But I agree that this sculptor's work looks remarkably like that of Quinn's. In other threads I have referred to the hackneyed sculptural forms that Quinn's work displays and the bland impersonal nature of the carving. We know that Quinn uses studio artists in Italy to actually make the works (at least, the ones we discussed on those threads). And this, I've argued, is why we get these cliched forms (for instance, the styling of the hair, as in this Britney Spears piece), as well as the complete lack of interest in the stone (the MEDIUM, for goodness sake). Here the medium is not only NOT the message, it is irrelevant. So, I would be interested to know if this sculptor is actually doing his own carving, and if he is, what he thinks he is doing at the level of carving. I have to say, from a personal point of view, that I would hate to see sculpture being reduced to the statements that can be driven through it. Sculpture is more than that, better than that.

Black Cat - have you trayed in from some trashy alley somewhere? Don't you know how to debate or discuss? Take part, don't get into a 13-year old strop all the time (unless, of course, you are only 13).
And quoting - don't you know what 'quote means', i.e. a PART of the text?
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