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Re: Nude Britney Spears Giving Birth Statue - Monument to Pro-Life

Originally Posted by Portoro View Post

Personally, I also see no deep relationship between the bear as pure symbol and the rest of the work, although I do think that the pose Spears is given offers various readings (it is of a childbirth, but is also clearly suggestive of the pose of a female seeking either anal sex or penetration from the back). This set of readings of the pose may relate to the bear, which must at least be read as representative of sexuality (bears take females from behind, as do most creatures in the animal world). Reinforcing this is the particular weight given to the way the hands hold the head of the bearand the manner in which the eyes are directed to it (affectionately? Invitingly?). The bear as rug or as trophy? The bear as female? There are issues here too - puzzle, puzzle. A bit of a tangle, and, in any case, the meaning may lie elsewhere. Personally I think it is the piece of stone that's got f****d.
Well the bear has his eyes looking forward (cut off from view) and she is covering its ears, so that would indicate to me that she is cutting off any remaining sensory perception to exclude the bear (whatever it may or may not represent) from experiencing or sharing in her event. It's strangely empowering for the female, while at the same time she is in a very subjugated pose. I suppose that is the rug she was poked on to begin with, everything goes round full-circle and all. Unless,.. of-course,....The bear represents the father? Hmm, I couldn't tell whether or not there was any fur on the baby's skull, but I'm sure I detected a faint smile on Yogi's face..