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Re: Cultural Gothic- Paul McCarthy

Tamara- thanks for hijacking this thread for an agenda, exactly what is your purpose for posting this HERE?

I see your post, which took an entire paragraph of mine from a totally unrelated post in another thread, made months ago- as being purposefully stuck in here to cause yet another flame war like the one we just had over Religion in another thread. Fritchie had to step into that one, and I am reporting it to the moderators as flame-bait with the appropriate button.

This is not bestiality "propaganda" GlennT made claims and statements on the subject of the sculpture and the sculpture itself, such as;

I'm unfamiliar with interspecies animal sex being part of the natural order.
Beastiality is not an uncomfortable question, it is a sickness.
I see little difference between beastiality and pedophilia. In either case, it involves the rape of innocent life, and a supreme abuse of trust.
Again, I point to the fact that because people murder people, this is not a good reason to say that rape is not so bad. Likewise, because animals are abused in many ways that are more horrific than thru beastiality, that does not make beastiality less of a crime. ( except in Sweden )
I posted the facts and references, as well as responded each time, that is what a discussion forum is for, the rest all fell in place as it evolved- global warming, society and all the rest.

The sculpture happens to be ABOUT bestiality as it's main theme and it's use in art, both are a personal interest of mine, which is why the post is here in "Sculpture focus." This is not stating my "beliefs" or religion- in fact those had not been mentioned here and all was going nicely and politely, until your post.
If someone is going to make a statement about animal abuse, I point out the hypocracy of meat eating, and the studies, I also countered erroneous statements with the facts and that's not "propaganda" either.

...far beyond discussing just the artwork.
Sorry, I was unaware that there was a word-count limit on the length of comments in a post about a sculpture and all of it's side issues, can you tell me what the word-count limit IS here? I never saw it mentioned before and I do like to include a lot of details and I do typically make long posts, that's my style and always has been.

Going back to page one in this thread and reading it start to finish shows a lot of great sub-topics evolved along with some good comments and observations by others.

Feel free to start your own topic on sculpture and religion, in another thread with the appropriate title.

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