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Re: Sales Contract

I've got a first (small) public monument proposal to put together and am wondering if there are any proposal templates out there I can use.

Realizing there are all sorts of nits to consider, such as graffiti-proofing, site maintenance and some others I'm sure I haven't thought of. Grateful if anyone has any files or links to share for a basic public/monument proposal. I can work out the contracts later if I get the proposal -- I think this thread has some good resources on that.

One specific question: when I ran I design firm, we used to markup all the costs on the project by 17% as our 'project management fee', a trick we learned from the advertising industry, and which our clients were used to from their dealings with ad firms. I wonder if sculptors can or customarily do the same -- marking up all the costs of casting, stone, site work, installation crews etc. by 17%. I know that 17% saved our cookies more than once. Anybody use that technique in bigger projects?
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