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Re: Your thoughts on naming this new work...

Originally posted by Araich
I've hit a wall with naming this new work. It ships off to join the rest of my solo in Perth in a week, and I need to do some catalogue stuff - and name it!

Anyway, in the making, I was thinking of a script being thrown into the air, or other papers. I tend to use single or double word title - have a look here at previous names, if you like.

So, I may not use it, but would appreciate anything that gets this poor old brain working.

Bigger picture here .


could you give us some more information regarding the piece? specifically, the process involved?

i've always been rather weary of naming work and never put a great deal of emphasis on it...

with your piece, however, i think that for me, a glimpse into the process might stir some ideas for a name..arousing notions regrading why the piece *is* what it is...

just offhand, im initially drawn to the crescendo of mass near the top.....interesting that two very linear paths in subtly different directions lead to this mass....

sorry i havent given you anything concrete....just trying to stir the discussion
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