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Arrow titling of sculpture


I've not logged on for several weeks, so I am a bit late to put my two-cents in . . . I know exactly how you feel about trying to find just the right title for a piece. To me titles are very important, but when I am doing a variation on a piece (lately I have started doing series of similar works in different materials) the uniqueness of the title is hard to grasp, and I need some help for my poor old imagination.

A friend of mine is one of my sounding boards for helping me figure out what my titles will be when I am drawing a blank. The other day he told me that he realizes that when I ask him I'm probably not going to use what he says, but just the answer he gives makes it easier for me to focus on what I DO want to name it.

I never had thought of the process from his point of view before: I almost never use the title he gives me! I can't help but think about what that says about my thoughtlessness (or thoughfulness?) for asking in the first place. I am just glad he understands my nature and allows for it.

Doesn't mean I won't continue to ask (I will), but I thought it was worth bringing-up in the thread.

My late and unlamented vote for a title of the piece might be the "Lost Script" or perhaps "Script Found" . . .

Don Dougan
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