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Originally Posted by jim collins View Post
You really must be kidding! My position here is not to be the “SCULPTURE POLICE”. Remember the old statement. “People get the art they deserve.” Now we can add “Sculptors get the shows they deserve.”
If this issue was important enough for you to post a warning here about it, I would think you would have been motivated enough with the information, evidence etc that you have- to go and make better use of it by reporting what you have to the appropriate agencies so the situation is either corrected, or they are shut down.

I've reported a non-profit to their state agencies for fraudulently soliciting and accepting donations from the public when their non-profit status had been SUSPENDED over 2 years prior and they knew it.
Their web site also misled visitors into believing their donations would be tax deductable, in addition the for-profit business which took over this non-profit was improperly using resources in the non-profit to advertise sales for their for-profit business.
Surely if I can figure out how to gather the evidence, locate the agencies to send it to and drop it in their laps to investigate and do with it as they will, you can too.
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