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Originally Posted by jim collins View Post
Please go back and read the sequence of the project.

OK, here is the problem. The sculptors were not informed of a double exhibition or that there would be selection from any place other than the Riverbend Sculpture Biennial 2005.

Further questions are: did the estate offer the work, or was it a possible dealer of the estate or an Art Dealer who just so happened to have several pieces in inventory that could be placed in a small town along a beautiful river in Kentucky?
If this was 8 years ago as Andrew indicated then it's long past water fallen over the cliff and time to move on.
Yeah might be hard for a dead man to submit new work unless his family donated something.
I entered an art show years ago, called Art Show at the Dog Show featuring canine art, works were to be submitted by slides.
I spent a lot of time with it and making slides for this- which I never had any use for, the entry form as I remember did not mention the entries were all selected by one jurors' subjective choice. So basically it didn't matter how good your work was or anything, it only had to appeal to this one "juror."

All of the submitted pieces were to be for sale and if selected by the juror they would be for sale at the dog show.

I know one of the pieces I sent slides of was one of this bronze edition on marble, and it was not selected, which was their loss because I sold it right away:

Yes, I was not a happy camper when I learned a bit more about their selection process, about all you can do is move on and don't bother entering another one like that.
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