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Hey Araich... I like your post. Titles for sculptures are an odd thing... personally I like doing titles. The process of creating sculpture is such a non verbal thing. The information comes in a much more intuitive language. It sounds like you had a point that the piece was giving you a sense of it's name. (the script in the air...or other papers) I tend to get a little worddy about it. I checked out your other titles and my style is different so it probably wouldn't fit... but I would love to hear more about how others come by names for their pieces. Thanks for the imput on powdercoating... Preston.
Oh what the hell... how about "Updraft"

Here's a sample of some of my titles... "Tale of the Hunter/Warrior"
"The Wheel and other Less Threatening Inventions"
"Eagle Shaman Visits Land of Grandfathers"
"Tool of Technology"
If I get any longer on the titles I might just as well write a song about it... hmmm.
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