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First show...Yowzza

Get to do a month long showing at a small art center. The director contacted me with a proposal and it is coming together. 1000 sq feet of space which will do nicely for my metal horses. Even have a artists reception.

The art center is in the middle of montana which makes it kind of remote....the director even offered a small house to stay in while I am there for the opening.

Now I have to move a herd of metal horses 200 miles which will be interesting but doable. I am known pretty well in my home town (people buy everything I make) but there is a bit of a insiders group of artists here so I haven't been invited or allowed to have a major showing of my work here (and so far too broke to set up my own show).

Now I just need to convince the director of the art center they need a permanent metal horse outside their art center.
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