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Re: Generator/Welder

Thanks for the input. I've wrestled with many of the questions stated here. Nice to hear anothers perspective. I once owned a Miller Bobcat and really liked it. Not enough reasons to keep it back then. Now that my current situation involves more remote welding and power needs I'm ready to get another generator unit. Normally I'm the first in line for something used but have not found anything worth the trouble so far. Too big, too old, too many missing parts. Have been considering new since I seem to have lost patience lately with hunting for parts and jerry rigging. The newer models seem to be much quieter as well. All I know is that I need to take advantage of the recent power outage as an excuse to get something practical. In the middle of the black out, my wife got a bit panicked was all for spending $6000 for a back up home generator. The way I see it, we will probably be able to count the number of times we will need it on one hand before I die. Meanwhile, I could really use a welder for remote usage. In a pinch, it would help keep the heat on and the coffee maker going.
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