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Hi Everyone,

I face a common problem. I prefer to sculpt (realistic, figurative) in 30" or larger scale. I can get the kind of detail I want in that scale. This is often too big for the market place so I need or reduce the scale by 50% or more. The ways I have tried so far are:

1) Reducit
This is a product that shrinks and you get a 40% reduction after a month of "drying". Big problems with distortion and cracking on anything thicker than 1/2 "

2) Silicone and solvent.
Works reasonably well for a 5 - 20% reduction

2) Re sculpting with a macchinetta or pointing machine
Too time consuming. I would rather spend the time creating new work.

3) Digital modeling and 3D printing
This is a area I haven't explored. I have seen some remarkable and detailed reproductions but I am think cost may be the limiting factor. If any of you have had experience with having a clay master digitized reduced and printed I would like to know about your experiences.

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