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Re: Yes, from tine-to-time.

Lots of public commissions are going on in the West. I have one I am working on right now, for Sound Transit in Seattle.
I was just on a panel to select an artist for an upcoming project for the City of Seattle- they told me they have 40 public art commissions in progress right now. The County has another 20 or so, the State of Washington has maybe 50 at any given time. Then, smaller towns have them as well.
I apply to a few a month, and I should be doing more.
Its not hard to apply to ten or so a month, nationwide, just on CAFE and Public

The more you put out, the more likely something will come back.
I have a solo show up right now in a gallery, pretty wacky stuff, I might sell something, but havent yet.
Been There.
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