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Re: Sculpting with cement

Originally Posted by Scout View Post
Here's a different question. How critical is the sand, in it's cleanliness? We have lots of sand on our place, all colors. Seems to me that if I sift it, it ought to suffice.

We also have red and white clay. Can I mix it into the cement to make it creamier to sculpt with? Anyone have a recipe for sculpting cement?
Dirty sand might actually give you more of a paste (brittle too). Most concrete/masonry suppliers will have both Sharp and Mason sand. Mason sand is washed and round. Sharp is washed and flat and mostly used in ready mixed concrete. Iíve read through what youíre doing and I think the round mason sand mixed very poor 8-1, 12-1, and add a bonding agent (Elmers Glue) might give you more time to work. Try it without the glue too, it will be soft enough to carve (detail ??). Paint it with watered down acrylic paint the next day. let that set for a few days and stiffen/harden the sculpture with a good acrylic satin or gloss concrete sealer.
......hope it works
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