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Re: Might be buying a store

I've set about building the first half of the pair of entry doors, 36" x 80" each out of laminated 4/4 popular to end up with about 1-5/8" thick.
I laminated the lumber yesterday and today I cut it all, did the double row of mortice and tenons- 24 of them, quite a chore!
Then I glued the door up and plan to clean it up and sand it tomorrow.

The upper section allows for glass, the lower section is about 29" high and has two recessed panels with a vertical member between them in the center.
I'll either route the edges on one side to allow for the glass and panels, or just use strips of ogee molding on both sides, either way works fine.
I'll probably cut and laminate the lumber for the other door tomorrow, and get a photo of the first one.
I used poplar as it's readily available to me, free of knots etc and the doors will be painted anyway so it doesn't matter what color the wood is and poplar boards vary from all cream to boards that are mostly black/green.

I will have to order safety glass to fit later, as well as hinges and hardware, for now I want to get them built and start on the door frame and four posts.
The measurements I took today show that if I leave the two angled glass windows the same width they are (30") and move them 90 degrees to the large ones, the doors would have to move in about 10" from where the current one is now- which is at the edge of the concrete outside where it meets the wood floor inside, if I move the door plane in 10" to keep the glass the same width, I'll have to cover that wood floor with a good metal threshold 12" x 72" to make it weather tight.
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