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Re: Might be buying a store

Originally Posted by PTsideshow View Post
Good on you, Since you are working on signage. You might want to keep in mind that Dick Blicks art supply has most of the supplies small sign shops use and can't make the minimum orders of some of the supply houses.

Oh nice, thanks! yeah, I'll probably need some "EXIT" and other type signs too.

I've bought some modelling tools from Blick as I remember, they do have a good selection of things.
I tried looking for that 3/4" black gatorfoam board, but it was ridiculously expensive and I saw some of it in 4x8 foot sheets for $173.
I wound up looking on Amazon and found various sizes and types but the postage was almost the cost of the items, and some of the board material was around $11 for a 20x30 roughly sized board.
In the end I went to the local variety store and there on a rack was a bunch of sheets about that 20x30 size in various colors for about $2.89
I bought six of those and a can of Krylon spray adhesive, here's what some of them look like,

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