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I still have more work to do, but have most of what I wanted to get done first taken care of. For now I'll take a little break on buying more materials as the ceiling is all painted and I want to start work on the doors etc soon.
I started generating some signage for the artifacts on the wall, and printed the material out on heavy white coated paper which I glued to pieces of white foam board.

I probably made up a dozen and put them on the wall with a piece of velcro behind each, below is a sample of one, the actual signs are in black and white not color since I have a black only lazer printer, but the images print up real sharp as does the text on the paper I bought. Some are more than one page and contain from none to three photos.

It's been real mild so far, so I don't even think the furnace has come on since it's set at the lowest (50 degrees) setting and every time I check it's been around 58 degrees, though it was 54 the other night. My utilities should be pretty low after the utility co revisits and adjusts my budget payment amount this month.
I also talked to my attorney about obtaining a tax exemption on the building's $1,016 property tax, according to the state code, the way it is worded I won't even need to form an official non-profit corporation or transfer the building to it to do this, because the code includes,

Chapter 427.
Public and private (not-for-profit for public use) library and art gallery buildings and grounds.

So I filled out a one page form and mailed it in last week, that should save that $1,016 tax on the property each year, and that's a lot more than I would ever sell there in a year if I was operating it as a commercial store front.

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