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Re: Might be buying a store

Originally Posted by PTsideshow View Post
Check this web site out,lumberliquidators they have stores all over great prices may be soon having deals due to the storm out east!

The store looks great so far.

Yeah I did check them earlier, their web site had mostly the tongue and groove strip oak which is a lot more headache to install, and laminated stuff. I don't want to add much more height to the floor than the parquet will add too, because the original floor was about even with the concrete outside, now with the plywood and parquet I will have about 3/4" or so height I'll need to adjust for with a bottom plate, If I went with regular 3/4" thick oak strips wow, that would mean having to compensate for almost 1-1/2" higher floor inside.

I just looked again, and that's what they carry. I got the last 5/8" CDX I needed yesterday for $16 a sheet, I would expect the prices on all building materials will go UP due to a lot of sudden demand by the storm- causing shortages, price gouging, and the usual January price increases on almost everything.
I'm glad I got the 26 sheets of plywood I needed when I did, even so the first few sheets were $14 and now the price has gone up over $2 a sheet to $16 and change.

I installed the tin ceiling pieces I ordered, the two field pieces were the devil to get up because I discovered the original installers had only nailed up a strip of board along the wall, and then across and down every two feet, so the 10" strips I put on over the existing damaged spots could be air nailed along one edge where it met the cornice, but the other edge 10" over there was nothing to nail up to- the original pieces are 24" wide so the next board over is about 14" over from where I needed to nail.
I wound up installing a narrow strip of oak along that edge and screwing that up every foot into the rafters which weren't easy to find- I had to get into the attic again to see where the screws were going in order to locate one rafter to start measuring out from.
The edges are all caulked up now and the metal primed, so tomorrow I can finish painting them.

I also finished triming the rear window, caulked and painted it so it's done, gee, with the painting done I hope tomorrow, there won't be much left to do at the moment since there's just the finished floor and the light fixtures left to do.
I do need to fabricate some brackets to hang more pieces with, but
I guess I will start working on designing and building the components for the two doors and raised panels for the exterior, probably working on those over the xmas vacation week.

The mayor stopped by the other day which was pretty cool.
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