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Re: Might be buying a store

Originally Posted by suburbanartists View Post
I like the plywood.

Check craigslist for flooring and wood and lumber. I've bought a good amount of siding etc. for like 1/2 or less than market value.

That second photo shows the area in back that has linoleum, I can see maybe you mistook that for being a good grade of plywood maybe?
The plywood I used on the half that needs new flooring is just CDX and has lots of deck screws in each sheet,even painted it wouldn't be a decent floor due to expansion gaps etc between sheets too.
My problem is I need so much flooring, 850 sq ft is enough to do a small house, there's plenty of single or two boxes of left over parquet on Ebay that I happened to find, one guy had 30 tiles, might be enough for a bathroom or closet.
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