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Re: bought the building

I have a couple of pics tonight, after progressing enough to start mounting pieces on the walls now.
I ran into a stumbling block on the floor,it looks like Menards, at least the one local-ish to me no longer carries parquet, I emailed their flooring manager and she said they no longer do business with the company the tiles came from that they had before, and they no longer carry this product.

A few years back I bought 150 sq ft of prefinished oak parquet there for 89 cents a foot and figured they would always carry it since it's a pretty standard floor product.I thought by now they would have some and the price would be a little higher but they have none at all.
Searching around the web has been an excersize in frustration, and about the cheapest price I could find is now at least $2.00 and up a sq ft, and most of the sites that carry parquet flooring have search engines on them and the pricing "low to high" STARTS at $2.00 a foot.

I briefly entertained looking at carpeting prices, and found they are now selling that by the square FOOT- totally new to me since it's always been by the sq yard as long as I can remember. I found some for about 89 cents a sq ft in a nearby town's Flooring America store, but their installation fee is $3.79 a sq ft !!! What a joke, $3.79 a sq ft to install 89 cent a sq ft carpeting, thanks but no thanks!
Ive never laid such huge heavy pieces of carpeting before or dealt with the inevitable 42 feet of seam it would have down the center, so that's not exactly a do it yourself by yourself project.
Someone sugegsted carpet tiles, but I don't think I want to glue carpeting down.

Anyway, meanwhile I am hanging pieces on the wall to start with. I gave the two brick pilasters in the front corners a heavy curved texture with a thin layer of drywall paste trowelled on over the entire surfaces and then brushed with a stiff, wide wallpaper paste brush moved in a series of semi-circular motions. Once dry they were painted to match the walls, that dealt with the damaged chipped crummy plaster the pilasters had, and got rid of the silly panelling they had nailed over them.

And I finished the two oak newel posts for the railings I made, the posts still need to be stained. They are attached to the floor with a 5/16 threaded rod down from a plate inside their tops through the floor.

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