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Re: Might be buying a store

Originally Posted by PTsideshow View Post
Looking real good, If you have a push broom type unscrew the handle and screw it into the roller handle and still easier even with the 4 way one direction at a time and coat it all with out climbing a ladder.
Yeah I used a screw-in broom handle but remember- the ceiling is 13 feet high- still too high to reach from the floor with a regular broom handle!
Seems to be an odd ceiling height to me 13 feet but that's what it is.

The rear maybe 25 feet of ceiling has a different design in the tin that was a little more difficult to get the paint into, the archaeologist in me figured out why the different design- there's evidence of a fire long ago in the basement where the coal furnace was, the joists- some are scorched and some replaced, I'm betting the fire dept did some collateral damage to the ceiling looking for extensions of fire in the attic, or the punched a hole in the roof to vent the smoke and streamed water in too, however it went down it was early enough in the building's history that tin ceilings were still standard but either the specific design wasn't or they used what was on hand. I'm guessing that mezzanine was damaged and rebuilt since there is a window with an embedded steel header I beam for it so it had to have always have been there.

I went back a few hours ago with the car to bring some more pieces over, and as long as I was there I decided to paint some cornice, wound up doing the whole thing across the front and maybe 20 feet down the other wall. At least in the front I was able to stand on the top of the display window/entry enclosure. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel now!

I think I can start putting some sculptures up on the walls now that I have the ceiling done in the front, I figured the old pieces on one side and my sculptures on the other wall, I won't be able to hang all of the old pieces as some of them are very heavy and I wouldn't even be able to lift them, so some of those will go on stands or something.
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