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The value and cost of bronze & stone?


I happened to find this place on a search, found it to be an interesting place, and so thought I I would pose my question here.

I'm interested in having a sculpture done of someone I hold quite dear to me. I'm not rich or even middle class, but I want this, if i can. Anyway, I want the piece to have value as an artwork, so that it will be wanted, cared for, and valued in the future.

So, with that in mind, I'm considering whether or not to use bronze or stone. I'm sure stone would cost more to do up front, and would take more upkeep or protection from damage, which might not be able to be repaired. At least with bronze, it can be repaired. It would appear to me that bronze is the best way to go as far as longevity, but what about it value?

Does doing a piece in stone make it that much more valuable over the same piece done in bronze?

Say like 100 years from now, will someone say, "Oh, thats just another turn of the century bronze, it's not worth having."?

Do bronze works from 50 to 100 years ago still have value compared to stone works of the same age?

I know that the art and artist will affect its value.

Any thoughts on the stone or bronze debate would be welcomed.

Thank you
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