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Re: Monumental news

Originally Posted by ahirschman View Post
Very interesting - The find, and the process that you describe.

Did you get the hard copy yet? How is the quality?


It certainly was a surprise to find, I did indeed get a hard copy of that, as well as another "Architectural terracotta" from 1914, the quality is pretty decent, they are softcover of course. The photos reproduce fairly well, better than what you see here but still there's obviously some loss in quality from their scanning printed photos. The text prints cleanly, I believe the only option for the paper is white.

Given the options- not the greatest photo quality to look at or NO photo to look at- it's easy to make the choice to buy it since the hard copy is so inexpensive anyway, you couldn't xerox a book like this 599 pages this cheap!
599 pages is quite a lot for $12, the raw paper alone at the store would probably cost about half of that.
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