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Originally Posted by raspero View Post
That is totally cool.

Yeah it's a lot of fun finding some of these obscure old publications like that which I never knew existed, there's a treasure trove of stuff in them I'm sure just going by the sampling I've looked at so far.

I downloaded another one to look through, since there's only 7 years worth scanned by Google books I have to wonder if they are going to do the rest, or at least more of them.
All 7 can be ordered in hard copies from that expresso on-demand printing system, Harvard University has one of those machines and can print out any of the out of copyright books Google has archived.

I really like that sitting lion by Noble, it's well done!

I also found some material on that Reynolds bronze, despite the book's disparaging remarks about the sculpture's waistline- pictures I found of it look stunning, and it turned out the sculptor was well known for small tabletop figurines, having produced over 80,000 of them over 30 years, that equestrian monument was the first sculpture he ever did of a scale larger than his tabletop pieces, and his first Equestrian sculpture as well, it's extremely well done and very expressive.
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