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Monumental news

I happened to find an interesting periodical that was scanned by Google books which is free to read and download, I don't particularly like reading 500 page books in pdf form... so I ordered an expresso hard copy of it from the Harvard bookstore, it was only around $12 for this 599 page book!

It's called "Monumental News" and was a monthly periodical, which is in book form by year, so there's 12 issues in that 599 page book.

It was was published from around 1880 to about 1925, it's very interesting because there's loads of photos of various sculptures, articles, news, and some techniques for all kinds of sculptures in the studio and for monuments, gravestones and architectural, I want to explore some of the other years, mine is from 1901, this sample page is from the 1897 book:

And apage from 1896:

Google appears to only have 7 years scanned to date, 1896 to 1902 so far;
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