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Re: Now you see it.....

Again, the object is of secondary importance. The "content" of a work of art arrives invisibly. You can stare at the damned "subject" all day, and not get any content. We are talking about leaps made by the viewer. The "filling-in" of blanks that are put to the sensory test (by the artist). Such is NOT art when it takes the form of a joke, game, a riddle or a puzzle executed by an obvious clown or charlatan.

The philosophers (eggheads) will place aesthetics as a mere branch of philosophy. But philosophy is actually a mere branch of aesthetics; as the entire uniqueness of a human consciousness is caused by a creative implulse. Homo-aestheticus (not homo-erectus) must first leap away from humanity to manage greater sensations. Sensations
not detectible by bloated blobs of tissue and blood.
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