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Re: Cultural Gothic- Paul McCarthy

Goya was either a comedian or a clown, then.
Probably both.

Picasso, when he painted Guernica- what a joker!

History is littered with artists who did work that made people, at the time it was done, uncomfortable.

There are stories, probably apocryphal, of viewers actually vomiting after seeing early 20th century abstract art, as it was so "unnatural" and jarring.

Paintings of the crucifiction obviously will cause children to go nail their friends to crosses, right?

The work in question is not actual bestiality- it brings up bestiality in the context of conformity, the blandness of modern society, and its obvious similarity to Disney animitronics is not accidental- the artist is very intrigued by how creepy popular "entertainment" is, and how we all accept it without comment.

If the artist was actually banging a sheep, you might have a point. But hes not, anymore than Cezanne was actually paying a girl to bang a swan.
I fail to see any difference in concept between the two works.
Certainly, in execution, one is a pretty painting, the other a sculpture. They are different physically. But in concept, they are both discussing the same thing.
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