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Re: Anyone repaired a tear in silicon?

If it is a straight tear then the mother mould should hold it together so the wax will not ooze out. You might get a bit of flashing if it is a large tear which is easy enough to chase off afterwards.

If you do want to repair, I would suggest to do the repair on the back only, not between the faces as it may stop the two faces mating closely unless there is some sort of glue you can use with a watery consistency.

Repairing with more silicone on the back may not work well as it doesnt stick well to cured silicone. You could try cutting wedges out of the back to act a anchor points for new silicone. Also gouge out a bit of the mother mould in the area to accomodate the dollup of silicon you will add there, close up the mother mould so the repar will take the correct shape. You may need to pour in some wax first though so the inner silicone mould keep its shape as the mother mould squashes against the dollup of silicone
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