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Re: big cirle of life

EV, your thinking like we are,nice.,and Nelson I am doing my best to keep quite,just wanted to share a little in my excitement vs fear of such an undertaking. I figures a horse is like taking up a parking space,and that would be about 7000Sq ft of space if I had to store,and then instalation would be a nightmare.I did not want to really say how many,but you guys and gals are pretty sharp,any guesses? The 3-d guy is from England,and he is unreal. He put on the five day event,made a document book ect, in Berlin for Ford Motor Co when they launched the new Festiva in Europe.He has always done big Corporate,and he has wanted to do Art,he will be a big part of the marketing and cataloging,and documenting this feat if it happens.Keep ya posted a s I can.....
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