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Re: big cirle of life

thanks guys.I started thinking since it will be on a University campus I guess it's not really public art but an instalation.Actually it will not be the largest as one whole sculpture,it will comprise more like a river of my Horses flowing from a main intersection,over the school fence meander through the campus and end at the library. The tricky part is the sheer volume or numbers of sculptures vs the clock.I don't want to comprimise my work,so extending their timetable might be the key.As far as getting dirty I will be knee deep in. I would have to rent 15'000 sq ft ,give or take, wharehouse,rent forklift,buy a few migs, a tig,an eaglebender,bunch of grinders and abrasives and ill be off to the races. Probally have to move there for a year or so,as tying in to education to get the money,so satelite schools and the university will have acess to whats going on? It is really to good to be true,although it will be one good headach,I think at the end of the day, bring that pain on baby
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