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a collector in ATL gave me my first real commision in 1987.I wound up doing three sculpture,and an art esate gate over a period of five years. I think I last saw her at my solo exhibit at the Lowe gallery in Atl in 2001. Now she is chairperson of a university museum,and she has come back to me all these years later to do a public sculputer honoring the schools anniversary. We are meeting foundation people, and 3-d imaging guy next week.The presentation has to get by the school president,or the idea will not make it to the next stage,fundraising.I have worked alone for 25 yrs,the commission would be so large I might need a crew of 10 at least,a real freeking nail biter.I hope to share more if we get the green light, and the funds can be raised,as it is going to be probally the largest "public" work of art in the SE?
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