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Portrait sculpting speed/technique?

Hi all.
Been planning to do some live sculpting demos (realistic figure heads--oil based clay, small scale--1/5th scale or so). Using a model.

I am trying to change my habits in sculpting to be more efficient. In the past I would just start sculpting an eye and not even bother to mark off the clay for symmetry and alignment. I ended up with lopsided heads and always had lots of corrections to make.

Then after talking with someone trained in Italy-I began to think maybe a little marking of the clay at the beginning would save a lot of time and error.
I have done some heads in practice--duplicating old ones--I can get a somewhat reasonable portrait in about three plus hours.

I prefer using photographs and expect even with a live model I will end up using photos for the bulk of the work (especially as I want to limit the pose time to 2 hours).
I was wondering about others--if your goal is realistic depiction, how fast can you go? How much time do you devote to setting up the base of the sculpture?
Any tips on doing an efficient portrait when working from a model?
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