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Re: Attaching limbs to a torso?

I've tried putting a link to the piece on this post but apparently everyone is having trouble with it. I can't upload to photobucket for some reason here in Thailand so I'll give you the link for my blog if you think that might be more applicable than the fb link.

Please let me know if the link works for you as I'm hoping that a look at this thing might help answer cursory questions.

The only reason I've decided to use the multiple piece/attach later method is due to the length and size of each limb and my location/language barrier and most of all, my inexperience.

I would like to be able to make as many copies as I can sell, using a good resin or something durable and attractive. Suggestions will be appreciated and adhered to.

I also have questions about the aliens as they will be very small, no more than 2" tall and thin/weak but I'll save that for another time. Ha ha! My biggest problem is explaining what I'm looking for when I talk to experts so I would like to apologize again for any rambling, ill-explained babble I'm responsible for in this post and say thanks again for taking the time to help! Cheers!
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