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Re: Attaching limbs to a torso?

Originally Posted by mantrid View Post
if you are going to make copies to sell it would be well worth making a mould of the whole thing to save all the time of constructing and finishing the final piece.

Take a look at my posts on making flexible moulds. Nothing is too complicated, you just may need to increase the number of pieces in the mould to accommodate
Your advice is why I come here and explore, thanks! I have to ask though, since I'll be having the mold made instead of doing it myself (due simply to the fact that I don't know what I'm doing and usually have a hard time finding what I'm looking for by not being completely fluent in the native tongue where I live) wouldn't it be easier to just make separate molds and attach the pieces after the fact instead of splitting a mold and risk breaking the piece or paying extra for a much more complicated mold making process?

The space between my character's R forearm and his R leg is only about 3/16 of an inch and seems way too close for comfort while trying to remove him from the mold. No? If you could explain the advantages of a complicated mold vs attaching pieces afterwards I could get my head around it better I think. Is it just a time factor or are there other benefits?
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