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Wink Re: The best display of figural sculpture.

Fritchie I am gratefull for your input above, and honest feelings on Michelangelo's works. I am glad you had the chance to see them in person.

It just so happens tonight I was planning and indeed did watch the 1989 documentary, Michelangelo: Self Portrait
This is on DVD along with Robert Snyder's 1950's documentary The Titan about the same man. So I thought I would mention this DVD is available via rental service. Excellent service by the way.

I will be returning this copy in the mail tomorrow. My knowledge of the sculpture is quite limited as my knowledge is shallow on most subjects. I was fortunate enough to find a hard back edition of "Essential MICHELANGELO" by Kirsten Bradbury, on clearence at my local Barnes and Knoble when I had gone there for the simular purpose. Pure luck... well maybe a little diligence.
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