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Re: Drawing vs sculpting-which is easier?

As we use language in a fashion that is intended to achieve MORE than mere communication, were are likely FORCED to involve ourselves in or to advantage "semantics". The discussion of elevated matters such as significant form and forays into the principles of aesthetics asks far too much of the limited vocabulary and commonly accepted meanings provided for us. It is necessary to tweak, bend, twist and possibly re-invent uses for words and phrases. Yes, such will require as much imagination and creative application, perhaps, as some art does.

"Stubborness", resilience, wherewithal, fortitude, enduring, determination...all traits necessary to (heroically) bring an idea to the fruition of reality. Imagination alone cant do it; because then it just stays fantasy. There has never occurred a true aesthetic act that is without idea, imagination and a fantasy. Unfortunately, thought presides, and it takes great will, great nerve to turn it into a event (not just another experience). It is an uncommon kind of grueling, creativity - a self-imposed labor, untainted by direction that is not comparable to any task or chore that might be suffered in the name of mere function.
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