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Re: The stoner life...

I started stone carving without any community as well after seeing some carvings made by Taos sculptor Allan Houser, a Navaho teacher. I found limestone which was soft enough to work by hand using no pneumatic tools.

Later I connected with a bunch of experienced stone carvers in Lawrence, Kansas in a group called the Kansas Sculpture Association. These carvers worked with a coarse limestone I do not like so I picked up some Indiana limestone from a mine in Indianapolis.

I ended up getting the stone group to work as a team carving an 11 ton monument for Council Grove, Kansas. But my best work is my own without any "community" ! got much more out of Allan Houser as a carver of stone then the university crowd./Users/vincentvonfrese/Desktop/Navajo Mother:Limestone 2.jpg

Vincent von Frese
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