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Re: Abstract Art vs Realism

Originally Posted by ironman
Drawing is the foundation of EVERYTHING.
I think this is dogmatic art school nonsense. I can't draw at all. Never could. Yet, the first time I picked up a bar of Ivory soap and a pocket knife I carved a decent bodybuilder's torso and arm in a few hours. Today, I've made well over 100 completed sculptures in mixed media, clay, wood, steel, etc... using everything from 3D models to pictures to no models at all. I still can't draw, and see no reason to even try.

I conceptualize 3D objects in 3D. My process for making them has to do with looking at the sculpture from thousands of angles and making thousands of tiny improvements and corrections to the object over time. Drawing has to do with all kinds of little tricks and skills to render 3D into 2D, mostly doing so using a few decisive lines. It seems to me like a completely unrelated process and skill. The only drawings I ever have any use for are exploded-view drafting style drawings, which I sometimes make to help plan and build furniture.
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