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Re: Might be buying a store

I have my end of the paperwork signed and the earnest money check done with, so Monday things will happen with the peperwork.

Now I have to think about displays, the walls are brick with the usual cement/plaster/paint over them, a little bit of a challenge to securely and safely hang dozens of sculptures on it, and allow for maybe rotating displays over time.
When I was in Brooklyn in a brick loft with bare brick walls, I simply drilled 1/2" holes into the mortar and pounded in short pieces of 1/2" electrical conduit, leaving them stick out about 5-6" and hung the hollow terra cotta pieces over those, worked great, I guess mostly because I could SEE the mortar lines so I could drill and pound, but now it's different, and maybe tapcons with a "J" shaped steel bracket-hook will do, drilled into the harder brick as the mortar is likely to be soft and not hold it well.

Going to take lots of thought!

The T111 siding I did not measure, but I could see screws in rows about every 2 feet going to the top, and assuming 2 feet between rows, it must be made of about 12 foot long panels, though I didn't make a big effort to discern seams, it could be 8'pieces and 4' pieces. Adding in the height of the windows, it would seem the top of the wall is about 18-20 feet above the sidewalk, definitely a two level scaffold deal to reach.
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