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Re: Oldenburg Sues/Everybody Sues/ Sculpture Sits

There is , as there should be, a point where something is either too large to be art anymore - or too small to be art anymore. I suppose it has to be up to each artist to define these parameters not only for his own work but for the work he happens to have to address in general. Things too big, expensive and complicated too easily resemble the stuff of movie sets, amusement parks and architecture. The teams of braniacs and laborers, both skilled and unskilled, only serve to dilute with efficiency, and spread-thin with pheasability the cleverness that may or may not have been present in the origins of the thing. If the subject of the work becomes its size, then it is the wrong size. I suspect many of Oldenbergs works would have been more effective if they were smaller and less expensive. There are kinds of limitations and thresholds that keep things in the realm of Art and not fluff.

Richard Serra understands all this perfectly. His work is just the right size.
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