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Re: Does anyone know what the colored finnish

The term "Finish Fetish" is not new- it was originally tossed about in the mid 60's, referring to a group of southern california sculptors who used hot rod painting and surfboard techniques to make minimalist, but visually sparkling pieces where the intense level of perfection in the finish was in direct oppostion to the reigning styles of the time, which included artists from Giacommeti with his hand pushed clay masters, David Smith with his exposed weld assemblages, and other well known artists whose sculptures were like abstract expressionist paintings- directly worked.

Several of these artists are among some of my personal favorites.
Robert Irwin, or Larry Bell, or John McCracken, for example.

The Finish Fetish artists were trying to create work that used industrial techniques to remove the visible hand of the artist.

This school of thought has flourished, uninterrupted, since then.

There have always been a few sculptors keeping it alive, and Koons is certainly one of the most well known.

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