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Re: Does anyone know what the colored finnish

EJB, What you are talking about is the great difficulty of giving Jeff Koons' sculptures the correct shine, color and transparency. Most of us have no doubt about this.

But the credit that should be given to Jeff Koons the artist is not on this. He is not the craftsmen doing and overcoming this coating problem to perfection according to Koon's wish.

By the way, one thing I know. Grinding, polishing and buffing curved stainless steel suface to mirror finish is not easy but not uncommon. There are many manufactured products, and some artworks that require this. It is only extremely difficult and uncommon when the object is very big size, like Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate or Bean at Chicago, or his very big concave mirror. The extreme difficulty is because a number of stainless steel plates have to be welded together and pressed to precise curvatures and smooth shapes before grinding.

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