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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

Thanks for the kind words and thoughts, Jason. And I enjoyed looking through your website, the product of a deep thinker. Glad you are pursuing the sculpting path.

Landseer: My comments on decent/indecent were actually not meant to be limited to the display of the human form, but rather the intention or motives of the artist no matter what the subject. The shock-value approach to art is in my mind indecent, not because it stems from a religious bias, but because it is meant to negatively jar ones emotions. Perhaps some people need a slap in the face to wake up, but art that does that publicly slaps eveyone in the face whether they need it or not. If the artist has the intention to instruct via the art, there are ways of doing that which are decent, i.e. they use harmony, beauty, grace, movement, rythmn, and a number of very old-fashioned principles that allow for the viewer to be moved without being offended.
This is a new concept to artists whose primary goal is to be noticed ( by being controversial ).
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