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Re: Public displaying of Nude Art

Children come to earth with a veil of innocence that is very precious and can be damaged by many things in a society that is fixated on the human ego rather than spiritual values. The human ego says, " don't censor me, don't restrict me, I have the right to say or do anything I want" whereas a spiritiually enlightened person will consider the effects of his or her actions upon another.


You packed more common sense and wisdom into these two sentences than the entire rest of the posts. (or should it be uncommon sense?)

Sadly, the number of 'pure hearts' creating art these days might be a small minority though. As much as I agree with your thoughts, I personally am afraid that creation is by and large a selfish act on the part of many. Uplifting others is an extremely worthwhile goal, but some how not high on a lot of people's lists these days. (or so it would seem)

Thanks for injecting some altruistic comments.
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